New training site!

We’ve created (and are creating) a new site for all the training scheduling and online task components to be housed. Hopefully this will help both us and you be able to engage more with the subjects we cover (and provide a digital record of what we’re covering on any given night). This can be found … Read more

Operation Polar Bear

WARNING ORDER OPERATION POLAR BEAR Dates: 19 – 21 June 2015 Location: Waiotapu Forest School Camp, Rainbow Mountain Cost: $55.00 NZCF 8’s with money due 1st June 2015. Spaces are limited so please ensure NZCF 8’s are received by the due date. This is a first in, first on basis. Kit list will be sent … Read more

Basic camp 2014

Sunday night marked the end of Operation KEA 2014 for the cadets of 14 Squadron. We run this camp every year as a way to introduce the cadets to disciplined scheduled activities, all while we teach them proper uniform maintenance and administration – right from home ground!

This exercise involved two and a half days of training time, covering everything from uniform maintenance to policy and code-of-conduct information.

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SGT? Lankshear

Congratulations to CPL SGT Lankshear on his promotion last night. SGT Lankshear recently passed his Senior Leaders course and is really putting in the hard work required to prove that he is a leader. Well done SGT!