Operation Polar Bear

WARNING ORDER OPERATION POLAR BEAR Dates: 19 – 21 June 2015 Location: Waiotapu Forest School Camp, Rainbow Mountain Cost: $55.00 NZCF 8’s with money due 1st June 2015. Spaces are limited so please ensure NZCF 8’s are received by the due date. This is a first in, first on basis. Kit list will be sent … Read more Operation Polar Bear

Basic camp 2014

Sunday night marked the end of Operation KEA 2014 for the cadets of 14 Squadron. We run this camp every year as a way to introduce the cadets to disciplined scheduled activities, all while we teach them proper uniform maintenance and administration – right from home ground!

This exercise involved two and a half days of training time, covering everything from uniform maintenance to policy and code-of-conduct information.

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