Dyson Parkes

Dyson (known to the cadets as Flying Officer Parkes or Sir) has been with 14 Squadron since 2007, starting out as a cadet and working his way up through the ranks. He currently holds the rank of Flying Officer (NZCF) – having been commissioned as an officer in the NZCF in November 2015.

His main (official) role in the squadron is Training Officer. This means he is involved with putting together the training plan, along with helping manage the training team.

His unofficial (at the moment) role is as the IT consultant for the squadron. This involves maintaining our training computer network and our copier facilities, as well as updating both our website and Facebook pages.

One of his primary interests is the field of engineering, and as a result of his own experience in this field he is often called upon to teach subjects such as aircraft propulsion methods.

During parade nights he can often be found (when he isn’t teaching, of course) in the Unit Commanders office taking care of planning and administrative paperwork.