We know, nobody likes fees.

Unfortunately, without them, we can’t fund what we do. We try to keep these as low as possible – being a not-for-profit, everything covered by fundraising, donations, and fees goes right towards running costs and activities.

Standing Fees

$30 per Cadet per term (with the first term being free)
$60 for uniform fees

Additional Fees

Occasionally we’ll have activities or camps that have extra costs attached to them. These could be anything from aircraft hireage/instructor fees to range fees, or a myriad of other possibilities. When these do come up, we communicate them well in advance of them actually coming due – and where possible, we subsidise them with funding from our regular term fees, and fundraising activities.

Making Payments

When making payments, use your cadets’ last name as a particular (so John Smith would be “Smith”), and the fee type as a reference (i.e. “uniform”, “term 1”, “flying camp” etc).

The account for payments is:
12-3170-0157768-00 (S & P Charitable Trust).