Kirstyn Rolfe

Kirstyn (known to the cadets as Flight Lieutenant Rolfe or Ma’am) has been with 14 Squadron since 2003, starting out as a cadet and working her way up through the ranks to reach commissioning. She currently holds the rank of Flight Lieutenant (NZCF).

Her main role in the squadron is Unit Commander, putting her in charge of the entire squadron overall. If something is happening, she’s had to okay it first. As a result of this Kirstyn does not get to spend as much time teaching as she used to (a Unit Commander is a busy person, after all), but she still fits a few lessons in here and there.

One of her primary interests is the field of aviation, and as a result of her own experience in this field she is often called on to teach this subject herself.

During parade nights she can usually be found (when she isn’t teaching, of course) in her office taking care of planning and administrative paperwork.