ANZAC Day 2015

This Saturday (April 25th) is ANZAC day.

This year, we will be parading in the dawn and civic services. Details for the parades are as follows:

Dawn service

Arrival Time – 0445 – 0500 at the Army Hall Car park across from the Council buildings

Dress – Full uniform including jersey and a poppy worn on the right hand side

Parade Finish time – 0620

Civic Service

Arrival Time – 0745 – 0800 in Peel Street (between Gladstone and Childer

s Roads)

Dress – Full uniform with poppy worn on the right hand side likely without jersey (weather dependant)

Parade Finish time – 0945 at the RSA

Important points to remember:

It is important to eat something small before the dawn service, a fuller breakfast can be eaten between parades.

It is important that your uniform is immaculate as you are not only representing the unit and yourself you are also paying respect to the Soldiers that gave their lives during this conflict as well as others.

Applying sunblock is a good idea especially for the civic service as you are standing in the sun during the parade.